About Us

About Us

Why Atha Yogpeeth

Atha Yogshala acknowledges the need for Yoga and good health. We endeavor to provide the best possible guidance for our students who visit us. We provide qualified Yoga trainers and Yoga instructors to train prospective students.

We are one hard-working and very friendly team, who would love to have you as a student at Atha Yogshala also invite over people from all around India & abroad into the Yoga community. We focus on developing personality through Yoga and its various techniques. Our teachers are equally dedicated to making the entire experience enjoyable for our students. We would sure love you to join us in this venture, and help “Every Body does Yoga” become a complete reality!

Yoga also provides moral values. To many people, they are more valuable than spiritual values, and these moral values can be appreciated the most in a lifetime. Through Yoga, we can develop our personalities and grow spiritually. We have amazing yoga classes to suit all ages available every day of the week. You can also relax here after your sweaty workout practice any time you like in this blissful atmosphere for an extra soothing sensation.

Yoga boost your self-confidence and inner power. Through regular practice, one can boost their self-esteem and make them a wiser person than ever before. We are here to help people in exploring Yoga. Yoga increases your awareness in whatever you do with both body and mind. As a mindful person, you become more aware of people and their feelings around them thanks to mindfulness yoga classes available at our timetable.

Yoga has self-healing powers . Through regular practice, you can regain your body strength and invigorate your system. The practices in yoga encourage us to reflect on things we face every day while developing a healthy lifestyle. Yoga will promote the growth of our mind as opposed to other forms of exercise that focus more on physical activity, keeping in their right directions.

India has the roots of Yoga in it. Yoga has been practiced and loved by the humans all over India for boosting our physical as well as mental health along with making a real impact on our countries development .

Now we have created yoga classes to suit everyone from old age people who need restorative classes or injuries recovering patients. On regular practice that helps reduce muscle pain through practices.

We request you, who are interested in learning how to practice Ashtanga Yoga or any type of yoga for improved health and fitness, please do not hesitate to contact us today. So we may assist you with your individual questions and concerns!

Please let us know if you have any questions or needs. It would be our pleasure to assist you.


Our motto is to make people aware of a healthy lifestyle. We also focus on educating people about Yoga and its benefits. We like to make people feel that yoga is applicable to any person of all ages, genders, and lifestyles. We never advise or teach Yoga as an alternative treatment for illness. Instead, we wait with patience until our prospective student goes through a proper Medical evaluation first!


A safe place for healthy people! Our aim is to make Ashtanga Yoga accessible to as many people as possible. We're sure you'll feel welcome at our Yogshala, which is both clean and quiet; with all the facilities of a traditional yoga class. Here are some helpful details about us, so please do look around here on our website before contacting us. When it comes to our teachings .